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Monday, 19 April 2004


After sitting down with my coffee and the NY Times this morning -- purchased incidentally very near to my new apartamento, yay -- I turned to page 3, where I read an article telling me that there appears to be bipartisan federal agreement that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) be closed down.

I chose to try to remove myself from the media mudslinging which has surrounded current and former ATSIC chairs, to attempt to research the current state of play.

I have learned many things. I am still reading various ATSIC reviews, the last issued in November 2003. One thing that particular report did not recommend was to close ATSIC down.

I must mention a little transcript I found of an interview on Lateline between Mark Latham (current Labor opposition leader), and Tony Jones. Apart from any detailed discussion of the pending ATSIC closure, I almost felt homesick when I read:
Well, in Mr Howard's barbecue he's having a few beers but there's not much sizzle on the hot plate and the sizzle needs to come from real initiatives...

I digress.

I will take the chance to read more.
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