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Thursday, 15 April 2004

I must be settling in.

Tomorrow evening I have the pleasure of visiting the Vancouver Rowing Club to see whether I like them or not. Apparently, i'll even be out on the water with some other ladies to familiarise myself with the course and things.

Having lost all my callouses long ago (well established after rowing for nearly 10 years), i'm wondering how long it will take to tear my hands to bits again, or whether the technology has moved forward enough that blisters aren't a problem anymore.

Thinking back, I can't quite believe how we'd all 'treat' our hands... popping things with pins, methylated spirits... it is very uncomfortable to row with blisters, so I hope the conditioning doesn't take too long.

I have a number of scars on my body from me ol' rowing days - one's on the back of my right hand, caused by sculling on a rough day with fingernails slightly longer than they should be. There's a little sunspot there now too... I wonder if I should worry about that?

Considering myself to be a fairly sporty type, i'm surprised I haven't indulged in anything competitive for the last year, apart from a scrabble game or two. I'm not really going back to row for the competition though (What EVER)... I remember how much I loved it, and how strong I was, and look forward to a bit of that again. Plus, Vancouver RC has red and white as their club colours, which are the same as my old club in Adelaide. Mum, you'll be pleased to know that Royalty has visited the club as well.

Ahhh... to be on the glassy water at sunrise again? There's nothing like it.
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