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Sunday, 25 April 2004

Major purchase.

I'm not rushing into anything I might regret later. I went to Home Depot today. Picked up some paint swatches... Magnificence and Eurolinen are the current picks. I must find out the paint budget.

I stalked some swedish prey... There are lots of nice things there, but the trick is to pick the things that aren't too ikeary, unless of course you're going for that sort of d├ęcor.

I popped by the SPCA thrift shop to look for that all-time hit of a sofa for $10, but to no avail. There were lots of armchairs with potential, but they were all worn to the bone, and... well... maybe i'll go back after I take my furniture upholstery course.

Eye did meet Denise, and took that futaw of her hands, but avoided the bon armoire. Whenever you move, just set your bed up first, and then the rest will come when it's ready. And the bed is only two doors down, so it was just meant to be.

Denise did try to palm off a few other pieces before I left, and we enjoyed a polite chat about horrible roommates.

Magnificence is a nice darkish pink - yes pink! - and Eurolinen is a lineny colour.
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