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Thursday, 29 April 2004

A sheltered life.

Here's the turn of events. Flickr gets a lovely impromptu testimonial from a member, so I trot along to read it, and get the URL to hook it up on


I notice that one of quiplash's blogs is about the Secret Life of a Prostitute. How could I resist? I'd heard of these ladies of the night, but insight like a blog provides? And the blog rolls? E gad. Apparently, she has been 'recognised' as her real life persona from someone who came across her blog.

I wiped up the drool and continued on. The words Shag Me Retarded caught my eye - who can explain why?
Another come I still can't put a condom on with any style whatsoever? It's like trying to land a wet weasel with a greasy piece of saran wrap if you're me.

And don't forget the quite charming My Boyfriend is a Twat.

To finish off with one of those all-time-great-i'm-just-the-same-as-everyone-elsers there's Things my girlfriend and I have argued about, which Cal suggested. It's a ripper.

So, there you go.
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