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Friday, 16 April 2004

So there I was.

Vankie Rowing Club | Originally uploaded by George.

I went out on the water last night with Carole... in a double scull. It was a lot of fun, event though we only rowed about 2000m, which is the same distance as the standard race. I definitely felt all my muscles - rowing is an all-over workout!

I didn't end up with any blisters or injuries, EXCEPT a ******* grease stain on my FAVOURITE trakkies. I was torn whether I should wear them, knowing the dangers... but I didn't really have anything else.

I even had to wear an bright orange vest over my black raincoat (it was raining), so the sea planes that land on the water there could see me. This is a regulation, as is taking a life jacket in the boat with you. A bit different from the old west lakes in Adelaide, where we used to row uninterrupted for 22kms or so, and the only other watery visitors were the odd kayaker or dragon boat. On the water in Vankie you have to watch out for yachts, cruise ships, ocean liners, sea planes, and other row boats.

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