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Monday, 17 May 2004

First hearing for Rania Al-Baz.

On May 4, Al-Baz held a private hearing with a judge. No sign of her estranged husband or the prosecutor yet.

Apparently she is recovering well.

I'm specifically looking for information about the after-effects of her exposure and subsequent trial. I feel this story can have wide-reaching ramifications, both in terms of women's liberation in Saudi Arabia, and the hugely powerful exposure of the not-very-sexy subject of domestic violence. I found this point from an article titled Puzzling Inconsistencies on What Is Permissible interesting:

Here was a story that had had huge exposure all over the world as well as in Saudi Arabia. Members of the royal family were involved trying to help her. The story was no secret. Yet it was excised from the pages of People magazine.

I wonder when the trial proper is due to start.
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