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Tuesday, 25 May 2004

God save the queen.

Well, the first coat is done. And BOY, IT'S DARK. I'm fairly sure it's going to be nice though, even if it does act a little bit like a black hole as opposed the soothing yin of the night sky.

After I had done the first coat, I went to my mate Amanda's place to celebrate Victoria Day, the unofficial beginning of the Canadian summer. Much chocolate cake and a delicious mango margherita. Sarah was commenting that tequila is the only alcohol which isn't a depressant, and shouldn't we all take that on board, she said. Unfortunately, I sort of hate tequila, except when disguised by lots of mango juice.

When I returned home (after the first coat), I picked up that Healing Design: Your Guide to Personal Feng Shui book I had been meaning to consult. It was then that I discovered that i'm quite watery, and metally, and have a good balance of Yin and Yang in me bits.

I think I *may* have put the deep blue in the wrong ninth of the thingy, but i'm yet to orient myself in Vankie - still! - so need to purchase a kiddy compass and work out where north actually is. And think the overwhelming message of the book is balance anyway, so I might just keep painting and painting and painting.

Those bricks are a bit yukky anyway.

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