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Wednesday, 19 May 2004


No, I haven't seen the movie yet... the title is just a very thin line into this post.

I enjoyed many-a-debate with my dear friend Helen in Adders about The Audience. She being a performer/choreographer/improvisor/thinker extraordinaire always has a theory ready, and loves a good conversation.

So, we'd sit on her porch, sometimes with a cold beer, and wax very lyrical about the nature of art and its audience. What happens to art when there is no audience? Or a particular kind of audience? What does art become when it is released to its audience? We rarely came up with anything definitive, such was the nature of our discussion.

Now, i'm not about to claim that this blog is high art... nor is any blog (yet?). I've been thinking about who my audience might be.

I had to laugh when I read Caterina's post when she blogged about participating in a radio show on blogging:

I said that in the beginning there was a lot of backlash against blogging because people thought the internet was getting "polluted" by all these people writing about what they had for breakfast, but I pointed out that the intended audience for those blogs was probably just that person's friends and family.

I have indeed mentioned breakfast at least once. But! I also like to think that my family is my audience. And friends like Helen. Because they are precisely the people with whom i'd discuss the thoughts I record here, if I was able to talk to them sitting on a porch.
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