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Monday, 10 May 2004

Watching this.

I want to stay in touch with what happens to Rania Al-Baz. With Rania and her pending (legal & physical) plight, what happens to her husband (apparently giving himself up after she went internationally public about being beaten nearly to death by him), and women's rights in Saudi Arabia at large.

As I was looking for progress updates, I came upon an article in Arab News which was suggesting that women (who are not permitted to drive a car) are ultimately responsible for the chaos on the Kingdom's streets...

It is a drama in which women play the leading role. It starts each morning with fleets of chauffeur-driver cars clogging the streets, blocking the way in front of schools, offices, hospitals and other public places. It all depends on the woman’s general mood and it is how she behaves once she is in the car that determines whether things will be all right that day or whether all will end in disaster.

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