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Monday, 21 June 2004

Green, green trees of home?

I went for a walk with Michelle on Sunday. For those of you who enjoy a good walk, but aren't too well-versed in walk outfitting, do be sure not to wear any sort of sandal. My feet were torn to bits, even in my birkies.

Anyhoo... we walked for about 10 minutes from her house, until we reached a lovely oasis of foresty, wooded goodness.

Michelle asked me to choose between Woods or Oceans as my preferred natural vista... I chose woods.

And I think i've decided to move house. Yes, perhaps it's crazy, but I doubt it. I like living in houses more than I do apartaments, and there is a vegie patch that needs some lovin', and is about 40 square feet in size.

I can get dirt under my nails again. And the money i'll save should allow me to purchase that mink i've been after within the next month or two.

Now I just have to break my very young lease. Anyone want to rent a gorgeouso apartamento in downtown Vankie?
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