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Sunday, 27 June 2004

Miss Mix-A-Lot.

It was with mixed feelings that I showed a few people through gorgeouso sunlit home today. I saw their reactions and remembered what it was like to see the place for the first time, and how excited I was to be moving into such a fancy place.

Then I considered what a good decision I feel i'm making moving into a place amongst friends. It is a struggle to be in a place where you need to establish a social network. I consider myself a pretty sociable gal most of the time, but even the most extroverted person really needs to put herself out there in a new town, and i'm not desperately good at that. Give me a bunch of friends that I know, and i'm the life of the party, but extending myself into new unchartered realms of socialising is a whole new ball game. Even though the apartamento is gorgeous, it is also a) living alone, and b) an apartment. I think somewhere like that will be more suitable at another time, and I will (luckily) be leaving on good terms even though I broke the lease, and the landlords own about 50 bazillion apartments around Vankie, so i'll keep them in mind.

Roll on barbecues on the grass, long summer evenings sitting around chatting to people I don't know very well yet, increased fitness after riding my bike to work, and a new room of one's own.
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