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Wednesday, 2 June 2004

Not so Final Fantasy?

I have waxed lyrical many times to software mates (and other people who don't really care) about the beauty of a software interface depicted in the animated feature Final Fantasy.

The characters in the film utilised holographic touchscreens to interface with devices. They were able to interact physically with a hologram specific to a device (or one of its components). I thought this was mindblowingly fantastic, and have thought about it since as an ultimate interface.

Can you believe that a person in his kitchen and garage is already toying with this concept, and has demonstrated the ability to physically interact with a hologram to produce an effect? The Heliodisplay is real, and is being prototyped right now.
The Heliodisplay (TM) projects TV, streaming video and computer images into free space (i.e. mid-air). It is plug-and-play compatible with most video sources (TV, DVD, computer, videogame, etc.). The Heliodisplay is interactive -- a "floating touch screen" -- allowing a hand or finger to navigate and select.

I cannot wait for the day when I can use (let alone design!!) an interface for a system like this.

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