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Friday, 18 June 2004

A pleasant quandry.

I visited Michelle last night in her new place. She has finished eating her shit sandwich, and is now moving on to a lovely dessert. Anyway, she lives in this big ol' Vankie style house, all rambly and huge, with a nice front porch, and a huge back garden.

I get along famously with her, and her best friend Shannon, who happens to have signed a lease for the property. Shannon actually mentioned that I might be interested in the self-contained apartamento on the top floor of the house.

She took me upstairs to have a little look. It was hot up there, apparently because the windows couldn't be opened due to the presence of an inside kitty. The apartment was full of nooks and crannies and funny little cupboards and things. It has its own porch, which overlooks the street (a main-ish road).

It is a fair way from downtown, apparently aboot a 40 minute commute from door to door on the bus, but the suburb seemed nice, and it just made me think I could buy a bike and ride into work.

Michelle mentioned she discovered a farmer's market 2 blocks away, and the Musqueam Endowment Lands are a mere 12 blocks away - apparently there are bears in there, and Canadians recreating all over the place.

I am sorely tempted to give up urban-living-at-its-best apartamento, and take the plunge to live amongst friends, and yet retain the personal space which I was so desperate for. Oh, and the rent is just over half what I pay now.

Where's that quandry again?
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