Can you see me??!?!??!

Thursday, 8 July 2004

Goal is to be 53kg by Monday.

I stumbled across this while I was looking at Seb's tags.

It's a LiveJournal group called _lost_ where contributors write about how what they are eating.

One glass of water
One cup of black coffee w/ no sugar

Three glasses of water

Tomorrow I will need as much support and inspiration as possible to not break this fast. This is one fast that WILL LAST!

I wasn't even aware that there were so many Pro-Ana or Pro-ED or Pro-Beauty community support groups. I'm not sure what I can say that won't sound like i'm judging the members of this (and other Pro groups). Perhaps this post itself is judgement.

I find myself wanting to say things like "but, what about flavour?". You may have gathered empathy escapes me on this.

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