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Wednesday, 28 July 2004

I've worked it out.

Vankie isn't actually a city of the world... it's a lifestyle.

Many people come to visit this place/time, and before they know it, they have purchased expensive sunglasses, a new car, real estate, many luxurious meals, and probably a little bit of secret surgery.

They have rallied for many environmental causes, attended many lectures by the Dalai Lama, visited many contemporary art galleries, sunned themselves gayly whilst wandering around this phenomenal city.

There are many sighs to be breathed in the appreciation of the sheer gorgeousity of the city's surrounds. There are many film stars coming through Vankie. I'm sure I saw Cuba Gooding Jr. driving an SUV down Robson a few days ago...

Indulging one's recreational needs is a cinch in Vankie. I'm surprised the city is still open on the weekend, given that many of its inhabitants are off on some jaunt or other, with requisite SUV and kiddies (or equipment).

You notice that there are many beginner Vankie lovers, like the charming British pupa I noticed on the bus this morning. He inquired directions of the bus driver, and then squirmed onto the bus with accompanying paraphenalia (fishing vest, tripod, camera, sun hat) and family (pupa wife and young, braced son). It won't be long before they all emerge from their casing and become lovely moths, mesmerised by the Vankie summer flame.

That is, of course, until we have the shit rained out of us in the chilly winter months.
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