So, went there for the weekend to visit Ash and Dr. Vickers. We played about 54 hours of D&D. We vanquished the kobold wizard, and my character is about 3 XP away from 3rd level.

There was much swinging and missing, given that we were all firsties, but luckily the enemy were the ones missing much of the time.

I was thrilled to discover the Harper's magazine, purchased by chance for the flight home. I have long searched for an entertaining magazine that talks about things i'm actually interested in, and isn't too wanky, and i'm prepared to give this a bit of a go, after reading an interesting polemic about people working out having become some weird exposé on our private lives.

I also had the dubious pleasure of sitting next to eminem's younger brother dude, equipped with plenty of large gold jewellery, Maxim, and chatty mouth. I was dying to ask him about the headline I spotted on the Maxim cover: "SEX ON DEMAND: Convince any girl you meet to get naked."