The moment.

Today I got off the bus many stops early to take a photo.

Every passenger stared at the scene before us, although I may have been one of few who spotted the momentarily golden building downtown.

Anyhoo, I alighted the bus along with 2 others. The stop was just past one of the many little parks along the waterfront. I noticed number 1 having a little tinkle against the fence around the corner, just off the path. Number 2 was heading down to the edge like I was.

"What a photo opportunity!" I said to myself as I retrieved Mr. Fuji from my bag. I powered him up, only to see him go completely dead a moment later. No *ucking juice! "Shit!!" I said. [Ed. How the hell do you punctuate that anyway??]

I now see this was providence, as she encouraged me to enjoy the scene. The mountains were a gorgeous, dark, cold purple as the sun's shadow stretched over them. Rubenesque is the word i'd use to describe the clouds and the brilliant yellows in the sky. Rain was coming, so there was a cloud of every sort. There is a little marina thingy on the bay, full of sailing boats. Their masts lined the horizon.

I lit a cigarette as I waited for the pink. I noticed pissing boy down on the steps by the water. He was smoking too. Number 2 was taking many photos. I noticed that a small pocket of Vancouverites had gathered in the park along with me. A lady was stretching as she looked, a happy dog entertained its owners, barking and huffing, a man emerged from below with a bicycle, and number 2 took more pictures.

It were lovely.

Yes, I saw many lovely shots, and lord knows people die for sunsets, but alas, this picture is just for me.