Ringo, eat your heart out!

I went to a barbie/party thingy at Dan & Dave's place last night. My roomies belong to a baseball team that had their end-of-season bash... After fantastic burgers, we sat around and chewed the baseball fat.

Dan gave me a tour of the new basement at his place, part of which had been made into a bit of music room. There a couple of bass guitars, an electric, an acoustic, a keyboard, and wait for it... a drum kit.

Now, after having dabbled in the dark percussive arts whilst enjoying my teenage years, and a spate as the crash-cymbalist in our high-school concert band, it has been a while since i've hit the skins, so to speak.

Given that there were a number of musos amongst us, and that we were all feeling very relaxed, a jam ensued.

I had to push the nine year old protege from his perch at the kit, and snatch the sticks from his small, but rhythm-laden hands. Then, the group spent about 4 hours making sure everything was tuned... or so they thought... but! I know how annoying it is to play with out-of-tune things, so I was happy to wait.

Then! I couldn't hold back any longer, and started a little beat going. The kids joined in, and suddenly we were making beautiful music together.

Apparently i'm the talk of the town, as i'd neglected to mention that I can in fact play the drums, so friends were a little surprised.

Very fun, and i'd like to do it again.