Back to me.

As you can probably tell, I have had a lovely 10 days or so while my mum was visiting me all the way from Australia. We did lots of things together: ate breakfast, visited new places and friends, much laughing, many conversations just like the old days (when I was home), caught public transport, sat by the ocean, watched some hilarious theatre...

She tells me that one of the things she enjoyed most about her visit was that she was entering my world, that I know, and that I was in charge, where for so long it seemed the other way around. I like that.

I don't know when or if I will ever live in Adelaide. My future is not set. I have no desire to live and work there at the moment - that's for sure - because I have this big oystery world out in front of me, and my brain has well and truly been drained from my hometown.

I think that fact hit both mum and I while she was here. We are friends as well as mother and daughter. I mentioned to her how weird it felt to be eating breakfast together on the day she was due to leave. We both continued chewing stoically, until we broke down and just held each other for a while. It was reassuring for both sides of the hug to make a point of saying that we could be together again within a day if need be.

So, i've spent the last 24 hours on the verge of tears. You know that feeling, when just the slightest thing will start them, and you try as hard as you can not to let go.

Having felt alone many times since I left home, to have my mum with me was a lovely glance into the love and strength of my family. It reinforced how important they all are to me, and how much I love them.

Roll on Chrissy!