Day after labour day.

I live across the road from a private school, so this morning I learnt that today is the first day of school in Canada. Many wealthy parents dropped their daughters off at school in their expensive automobiles. The girls are all in mini skirts... somehow that pervading fashion made its way into the uniform specifications. Didn't you have to kneel down and have a teacher measure the distance from knee to hem in the ol' days?

Despite this recognition of fashion, I remembered how glad I was that I went to a school that required a uniform. I mean, really! How is any self-respecting girl who doesn't actually give much of a shit about fashion supposed to wear something that is a) not repulsive to her peers, and b) practical and comfortable??

That's where the prison-style-vertical-blue-and-white-striped Marryatville High School girls' summer uniform came bounding into play. Wait! Is that Gucci? Armani? No! It's Yukki.

Anyway... I had to giggle at all the kids wandering to school, whose individual personas were marked by whether their shirts were tucked in and the colour of their backpacks.

Gone are those days.