Indy! Cover your heart!

Of course, this is a line from the fabulous Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, when Indy's young sidekick yells to Indy to protect himself from the nasty evil dude who's about to rip out his heart!

It really is just one of those very slim word-related lead ins to what I actually want to post about, which is following your heart. I was inspired to discover that Meg Hourihan (long-time blog impresario and technologist of many colours) has just let everyone know she know works as a chef on Nantucket, because that's what she really wants to do. The thing that struck me about Meg's post was...
My interest in the web and tech was always more about people.

... and I think that's the real trick, and a topic which often comes up in 'discussions' I have with people about why I do my job and why I love it so much. AND why i'm enjoying waxing lyrically about what's going to happen to people as we continue to be overwhelmed by the mundane.

Note to self: consider Architecture of Participation and reconsider Delightful Design.

Now, i'm certainly not saying that i'm about to get a job as a dish pig at the Yale, or anything of the sort... but, it did make me think of something mum mentioned to me when she was here about what she thought my future might be.

I can't remember her exact words, but she said she wasn't convinced I would spend my entire life in IT (or at least she doesn't see me that way), but may in fact end up writing, or doing other interesting things.

I thought that was ace. And probably driven by her unique understanding of me, and her knowledge of my love of all things sociological.

I may have to work on my adjectives. And try to use less ands. But, actually, my heart is chock-full of path right now... so I can leave the writing to rambly blog bits for now.