La dolce vita.

After work I went to see a bit of a shocker called Shaun of the Dead. Actually, it wasn't a shocker, I laughed quite a lot. Particularly when Ed mentioned how munted he got last night. So, that was fun.

Then I said goodbye to Cal, and headed for the bus stop, where I only had to wait for about 2 minutes! I got on before the lady who was putting her bike on the front, to see a short person who looked a little bit too much like a gelfling carrying 14 gargantuan garbage bags coming towards me and the front door. I did a quick bossa to my right, my right buttock nuzzling the Exact Change Please thingy, as the gelfling apologised and passed me by. I'm sure I appeared to possess the same panache quotient as the lady in that shampoo commercial, whooshing my coiffe as I glided down the aisle. I took my seat.

A 50ish man sat down in the very middle at the very back. I was at the very left. That was fine, except then I smelt something a little bit like wee. I didn't want it to be the man, but he'd only just arrived, and so had the smell. I realised it wasn't wee when he put a tuna sandwich to his lips and started munchin. He munched for some time, during which I felt almost sure I was going to barf, but luckily he finished his toona, got off, and I opened the window just in time. The fresh air didn't smell much better, in fact it seemed highly likely that a skunk had met its sorry end somewhere close by.

The skunk guff passed by, and hearty, Canadian, fresh air filled my nostrils. I watched the requisite polite smiles as people shifted around and excused themselves for needing to get off. I'm always the last to get off, so I just wait. I don't mind that. I can't ever miss my stop, which is handy.

On my shortish walk home, I passed the fabulous plastic illuminated reindeer outside the pizza joint and remembered the night I wandered in there late for a snack. Now I know they just keep the light on in the pizza display cabinet. Once you choose your piece, they pop it in the Massive Pizza Oven for about 2 seconds. I didn't care. That night I ate it anyway, and it tasted like pizza, and I didn't come down with anything.

Now, i'm home, and my roomies are hanging out, watching the news. Two of them saw The Motorcycle Diaries tonight and really enjoyed it. Another saw it last night and didn't.

To top it all off, I just had some unbelievably yellow cheddar cheese on some biscuits.