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Sunday, 17 October 2004

One of my favourite days so far.

I went to Massive Change Visionaries today.

Forgive my indulgence, but here's my data. It's up to you to purify it (as will I).

economy of exchange that's design driven. design from the receiving end. collective practical objective to look after the human race toynbee 1957. individual's movement beyond infrastructure. industrial moves to distributed possibility. distributed solution. the renaissance team. technology-induced complexity. technology: not good, not bad, not neutral. if ease-of-use was paramount, best violinist in the world has no value. effort + skill. health of a group circular "what are you best at" + I. problem solver facilitator expert?. community-specific policy. world government. inflection point. proscriptive people person. value of anonymity. no last word online. make identity the default. rules allow trust of consequence. knowledge economy wisdom economy. to militate against. military is long term + practical org one of the few. data explosion NOT information. technology threshold of frustration. how can design wrestle technology underneath the T of F?. "It may not be true, but as long as it's plausible". small is still beautiful. 'global vision' is utopian. community. power breaks. geography in this. proper scale for people is not millions. distribution segment is getting bigger. technology use is not a moral imperative. information power broker. power to not power over. power of transparent persuasion. open source development of oxford english dictionary. just change it the 60s aren't over.
clapped enthusiatically for hazel henderson. charlie r forgot his cufflinks. fossilized administration. mediocracy. live in mediocracies. calvert henderson $$ invest. root system of change. demography. distribution. cultural dna. social innovation. china's growth 9%. amazing strides in poverty reduction in real terms. self-interest protein. economy = market + rules. design. political impact. russian economic shock treatment. politics of productivity measures!!!. cultural by-products. market/consumption. "a really good regime change". brazillian social innovation. how do we measure wealth + progress?. Gross National Happiness. balance market welfare. iranian demographics 1979 lots of people under 25. the love economy. 'time banking' pure exchange of services. create our own 'money' and trade locally. massive trust economy. response to over-monetarising of service. nomads - civilization. cooperation. oxytocin.
emergent design. well-adapted to life. humans use a lot of energy to make stuff. protein 'templates' crystallization (abalone) self assembly. life builds to shape. meta-ecological intelligence. life is assembled by the designer and then allowed to do its work. combine ecologies and then direct. garden economy. emulate life's ideas biomimicry. ecological constellation unique, created. periwinkle is the best snail at treating toxic waste. google for nature. nature by function. have a biologist at the design table. design within the larger context. 40 years idea inception to acceptance lovelock. current sunlight instead of ancient sunlight. legacy of ecological entrepreneurs.
economy of movement. the future is surface. "i'm not against cars. some of my best friends have cars. but a car is like a mother-in-law. average speed in a city is 9 miles/hr. human city must have integration of functions. requires 'biodiversity'. "the city is not a problem. the city is a solution". in the US a pedestrian is someone walking to their car. make recycling garbage into trade. fisherman catches some garbage on a slow day - city buys the garbage.
audience - biodiversity young to old. beautiful cross-section. knowledge. data is 'sewage'. audience is ecology.
"the mind will not embrace what the ass cannot endure". military invented simulation. get gamers into the mix for enhancement. 85% of soldiers won't kill people 1944. so, how do we train to kill? then by viet nam 80% would. army breaking things and killing people. information operations (winning hearts and minds) = beat cops. non-violent revolution. berlin. transfer of this concept media tv. live uplinks. transforming the planet. witness program. global public opinion. reversals. dada follows WWI. existentialism WWII. beat korea. religiousity cold war. fundamentalism. fervour/disenfranchisement. information can't be collected in baghdad. commander-in-chief can see situation. granular knowledge is tricky. infopeace. jennifer leonard. tools to train the military to resolve conflict?. "War. It's hard work. I've seen in on TV." Bush. de-escalate. negotiate. Your enemy will teach you patience Dalai Lama. "community war". global war on terror is the current myth.

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