Happy Thanksgiving, America!

(By purplestriker.)

I guess there's a few interesting things to give thanks for this year. If I had to make a list, here are some of the things i'd put on it:

  • I am healthy, in fact, enjoying a "Cleanse" at the moment
  • I have many twinkly lucky stars
  • I'm going home for Christmas this year, and am squirmy with excitement about seeing everyone back there for the first time in nearly 2 years
  • I look forward to coming to work
  • I have enough money
  • Canadians are nice
  • My brain isn't dusty
  • I get to look into distant friend's lives every day by looking at their photos. The impact of this should not be underestimated
  • I don't live in a country at war

And finally, i'm very thankful i'm not a turkey. Many, many turkeys perished in the pursuit of giving thanks. Millions probably. That's many gobbles silenced, people.