By Zeus! Avert thine eyes!

Last night Cal and I went to see Alexander. The thought of seeing a movie that various pundits had trashed appealed to me, particularly after a shitty day.

I should have twigged when the opening title music came on. It was bad. But, we pushed through the pain. After an hour or so of incredibly drab storytelling focussing on a young (and bizarrely Irish) Alexander and his boyfriends, we thought it could only get better. Little did I know that Macedonia was indeed a popular Irish outpost around 300 BC.

Many references to eagles, fortune favoring the bold, Alexander never actually kissing his boyfriend - just many manly hugs, a hairstyle harking back to Jason Donovan in the 80s, some truly horrid dialogue, nice mountains and a pretty boy dancer, fake snoring, audience members evacuating...

Don't bother with this one unless your intention is to be bored out of your brains, and have funny, disparaging conversations with friends in the aftermath.

Colin did show off his nice legs though.