Doin' it for the kids.

Last night, just as I was walking in the gate, I saw Shannon and Michelle standing on the street. They were about to head to the Pit Pub, down at UBC, to see a band and did I want to come. I said "Jesus Christ I need to wee", and Shannon said "Give 'er!"

I raced up to my place, weed, changed, and sprinted down to the girls. YEAH!

We made our short way to the UBC campus - it's quite nice to visit if you're in the area... nude beach, anthropology museum, etc - and found our way to the pub. Suddenly we were awash with the Real Kids. Michelle and I were giggling about getting ID'd at the door. Despite the whole it's-the-law thing, we thought it was nice to be asked.

We found out that we were actually going to be treated to 3 bands, instead of the 1 we were expecting. The first one seemed as if this may have been their third or fourth performance, and in that respect, they kicked arse. One of the lead singers in the next band had a cold, so she had to sing down an octave. The other lead singer looked like she wasn't the singer in a rock band at all, rather a Bess from Nancy Drew type of lady. She was a great singer though. The three boys seemed to be approaching a very loud nirvana at the back. I'm sure they would have been ace if all was as intended.

And THEN. Five too-kool-for-skool ladies started playing. They were really good. They are called The Organ, and I bought a CD. 1) All girls, 2) All brunettes, 3) A little bit too much like Morrissey, but that turned out to be fine, and 4) For the whole gig just about all of them looked as if they'd rather be somewhere else, but in a Very Kool Way.