It's a girl!

[17:17] george08: flickr is definitely a girl.
[17:17] cskaterun: minus one question mark
[17:17] striatic: i think flickr is a tomboy
[17:17] bringor: i agree george
[17:17] abu: Why?
[17:17] striatic: but right now she's all gussied up for the ball
[17:17] striatic: lookin' awfully purty
[17:17] george08: because girls are better than boys.
[17:18] julian: I think flickr is a post-op transsexual, and I mean that in the best possible way.
[17:18] abu: Oh. Okay.
[17:18] bringor: thats why flickr is moving to sf
[17:18] abu: Oops.
[17:18] striatic: gustavo, she's playing hard to get.

Yahoo actually does acquire Flickr.