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This morning on my way to work I saw a shortish lady with a trolley packed to the gills with cans and bottles. She stood on the opposite side of the street, having just missed the bus. She wiggled her finger at the bus driver, grinning as if she knew him, and as if to say "I'll see you tomorrow, buster!"

The thing about it was that she looked a little bit like rubbish. Like the old lady in Labyrinth who collects things and puts them on her back, until her pack is ten feet tall, and she has everything in the world in it. The rubbish lady had a little garbage bag bonnet on, tied jauntily under her chin, and a garbage bag stole around her neck, flowing over a slightly lighter shade of green garbage bag jacket.

We turned a corner, and I noticed that every magnolia tree in Vancouver appears to have bloomed overnight. The opulent, waxy gorgeousity is just so swoony I could melt.