There's a wind a blowin...

I thought I might get myself a pressie to celebrate the recent acquisition. One of the many things i've missed from home is my juicer. So, instead of getting dad to ferret around in the storage container left at home with my house full of stuff in it, I just bought another one. Same model, not a bad price.

I've been having a yummy juice every morning for about a week now, and today the strangest thing happened.

For the past week, i've just been having a juice (carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger - lymph cleanser extraordinaire) each day, and then I would grab a coffee on the way to the office. I used to have one sugar.

This morning, I popped in my one sugar, and when I tasted it, it was almost sour. My body must be doing something! Does it really work? This eat healthy palava? I'm sure after i've been juicing for a fortnight i'll suddenly be in touch with my chakras and chis and things.

This was a shock. A pleasant one at that.