I love clean sheets.

I never used to fully appreciate why people said No! to table-based page layouts... Separate form from content! yada yada... I mean, i've built a good few pages using a few structural tables... i'll admit it. And with the um... Rational process we've been using lately, adhering to standards for sake of adhering to standards frankly wasn't top of my list of priorities for making that form/content split. I mix external with inline CSS... and there are little messy bits around the place... but!

I now have a new appreciation of this general sentiment after witnessing this barbaric table-based replacement for a good old <br>:
<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=478>
      <td class=xyz height=1><spacer type=block width=1 height=1></td>

Yeouch! I now feel much better about the stuff I write. Indents really do help. Thank you, whoever you are.