As I listened to NPR news this morning, there were follow-up reports on how Londoners are recovering from Thursday's bombing. Memorials were held in the Westminster Cathedral and other places in the city today, and I heard soundbytes from people who were close by during the attacks.

I found myself wondering about the difference of hearing these eyewitness accounts in english. Particularly when the news item was followed up by reports of yet another bombing in Iraq, where 25 people were killed.

Of course it's a terrible event, and for what it's worth I can't imagine losing a member of my family or circle of friends in such a tragedy.

It's only that I was struck by the thought that if I put Tony Blair's fighting words in the mouth of an Iraqi official, my perspective changes yet again:
When they try to intimidate us we will not be intimidated. When they seek to change our country or our way of life by these methods we will not be changed. When they try to divide our people or weaken our resolve, we will not be divided and our resolve will hold firm. (source)

Just a thought.