Happy Canada Day!

Hard to believe a year has passed, and then another 30 years before that.

It was only last year that I was talking about Canadian marching bands and large flags and things... living in Canada and everything.

Now? Now, i'm in San Francisco, Land of the Fog. I'm about to spend my first July (be safe) 4 in the USA, and i'm sure that will be very nice.

Americans seem fairly nice so far. And Yahoo! is going to be fun. Can you believe I just played fussball while waiting for my latte on campus? In a previous life I might have just considered that a cheesy cliché. Turns out it's true.

I'm looking forward to my first actual weekend in San Francisco... exploring, beginning the house hunt after catching up on some sleep.

Not sure where my heart is at the moment. I need to find it if i'm going to leave it here.

(Photo by David Wyman)