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Friday, 29 July 2005

Now showing.

I may have left this a little late, but i'm excited to be part of the Advanced Tools session at the BlogHer conference tomorrow. I'll be talking with Alex Samuel and Marnie Webb about how to discover, gather and share good stuff you find online.

We've created a blog specifically for this session as a resource for us and other participants. Alex writes:
"We hope that BlogHer attendees will contribute their own blog posts, Flickr photos, links and other goodies by tagging them powerbloghers. Don’t worry about whether your links are specifically about power blogging; start by adding your own blog, your photo, or anything else you think is interesting that other people might want to check out."

Do Your WorstIncidentally, Marnie works for a non-profit called CompuMentor. She consults with other non-profits about technology. They've created a specific tag -- nptech -- to bring together stuff to do with all the kewl projects they run. Nice!

Oh! And! I started a group called Do Your Worst on Flickr which has exploded into EXTREME HILARITY. I've been practicing. (Photo by Heather)

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