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Monday, 4 July 2005


What a lovely day in San Francisco. Brunch, doggies, sun, Market Street, shopping, snooze, wander, sit, type. Before I arrived everyone would always tell me how weird the weather is, how it can never be predicted. I'm sitting here in Borders with freshly-moisturised, sunburnt arms - My face escaped, thanks to early morning SPFing...

This afternoon I was exposed to an organised mass of small dogs, more than ever before all in one place. And i'm not talking schnauzer. I'm talking chihuahua and smaller, accompanied by their owners. It was a sweet gathering of personalities, some more approachable than others. Many bums were sniffed, many pees were peed. There was a nice view from the doggy park, and my Cha Cha mates and I took a nice walk around some Cole Valley hills after the event.

The sun was blaring, the blue sky and horizon separated by a stripe of white fog, held at bay as if by forcefield.

I attempted to tackle a little downtown shopping after the doggy fest. I'm not quite sure what they're doing with their sizes here, but i'm fairly sure a 2 won't fit. There was a 44 in another store, but that didn't look much different from a 2.

Perhaps i'm in a purple haze...
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