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Saturday, 13 August 2005

Dear Mum and Dad and all my Australian mates and some of my other mates as well

I'm sorry I have been a slack tart. You know when people say "I just haven't had a second to call?" Now I know that that can sometimes be true. Even though I previously thought "You slack tart! It takes 2 seconds to pick up the damn phone and call me!"

It's not that i'm not thinking very much about you all over there. I am insane at the moment. Waking up at 6am (!) and getting home late. It's all a bit much. And I haven't got a San Francisco number because i'm an alien and have to prove that i'm nice. And I haven't done that yet either. Maybe they should read my blog? That might work against me.

So, just take these few words as mini-penance. I love you. And I love email right now, probably more than you.

It's all OK because i'm assimiliating into liberalism/graffiti/hair/vegan/democrat/arty/omnisexual San Francisco and won't be so alieny soon.
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