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Tuesday, 23 August 2005


Playing Flickr lets visitors of Club/Restaurant 11 in Central Amsterdam call up pictures by sending in SMS (text) messages on their phones. The pictures in Flickr with matching tags appear on the surrounding screens so that while patrons dine the backdrop of the restaurant can be adapted to their personal wishes.

Here's a snip of what diners were sending into the game... by all reports the game descended into people trying to gross each other out. Because, why not?
...Tumor, Vomit, Eczeme, Wound, Smakelijk, Cute, Horse, Forget, Bunny, Morgue, Eat, Twin, Dinner, Shit, Underpants, Dagelijks, Butt, Models, Remco, Easy, Fast, Cherry, Copacabana, Windsurf, Cat, Fuck, Trimaran, Kitten, Sex, Neuken, Bali, 11, Pistol, Fish, Gay, Femme, Fatale, Lawyer, Pamela, bert, Venice, Mugshot, Holland, Marinus, Pain, Penis, Antichrist, Dead, Mignon, Sleebos, Maxima, Butter, Hitler, Abital, Abital, Abital, Abital, Flikker, Corsair, Corsair, Goos, barbie, Corsair, Bear, Juliette, Goos, Goal, Ubermensch, Chausseestr, Grandmother, Crackhouse, Marinus, Love, Love, Home...

(Posted at PoynterOnline by Monique Van Dusseldorp, courtesy of those feisty Dutch kids, Mediamatic.)
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