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Thursday, 29 September 2005


Bug I can't decide whether commuting from San Francisco to Sunnyvale every day sucks or blows.

It's horrid having to leave the house so early. I've noticed that i've started the whole "I can squeeze in another 5 minutes snoozing" thing. I can't help but snooze... I just can't. Trouble is, that makes the whole schedule slip, and i'm carpooling, which means there's the additional crap around making my Independent Order of Carpool Fellows wait.

Commuting is weird. I'm astounded that so many people do it, and that many, many people are probably doing it at the same time, without noticing each other on the road every day. (We're convinced we're being trailed by an insane woman in a Hyundai. We see her all the time.) I've tried many times to take photos of our fellow commuters in a surprising range of positions with a broad range of accoutrements.

Many, many inventions were born as the direct result of the commute: the cup holder, the CD wallet thing that sits over your rear-view mirror, the drive-thru window, the TV dinner (and other accompanying methods to get food in your guts after a day's commute), that madonna-headphone thing for phones, 7-11s with snacks of so many sorts it blows my mind, drive-by shootings, those cars that jump around, talking books... it's all VERY car-y.

Violently happy

But back to my IOCF, that's the one endearing factor to the commute. Turns out my companions (and workmates) are both dreamboats. The best thing about being stuck in a car with two dreamboats every day for 2 hours is that you have conversations that stretch from hilarity to mundanity to tragedy and back again.

I would miss that if we worked in the city.
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