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Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Latin blood.

Saturday morningAhh, what a nice weekend. Fresh fruit and vegies available locally and cheaply and communitily, amazing sunshine, working on my lily-white (computer nerd) legs in my backyard, a walk on the beach with a lady and her dogs, a quick game of Quake just because... and that was just Saturday!

Rubbing my sleepy eyes on Sunday morning, I recalled that I had invited my soon-to-be landlady over for a cup of tea and a chat. She arrived at a reasonable hour, and we talked about leases and home improvements. I am thrilled to report I have been granted carte blanche on my renovation plans, and budget is no issue. (That's not quite true, but nearly.)

Buoyed by this, and rarely one to refuse a social engagement, I sauntered down to Boogaloos for brekkie with friends. I didn't really need to have a second brekkie, because i'd previously feasted on heirloom tommies with basil on fresh yummy sour dough. And yes, I buttered. I thought to myself Bugger that! as I ordered a modest serving of Chorizo 'n' eggs. Mmmm. Good.

Earlier, I had arranged with a dairy-loving friend and his friend to meet for a milkshake. No sooner had I eaten my C 'n' E than he called and said Let's meet immediately. How could I refuse?

I popped home to change my shoes, and headed for the St Francis Something-Or-Other (aka Ice Creamery) store on 24th.

24thWhile I waited for them to arrive, I wandered into a record store thinking I might browse the Top 40 hits while I waited. Little did I know that this store contained the latin Top 40... So many cheesy covers and names I didn't recognise. The lady said if you need anything, just ask. I waved yes. Past the rack of slightly naughty looking magazines, I found the latin world music section: Guatemala, Cuba, Peru, Spain... At the end of this aisle, there was a shrine of about 12 albums to a lady called Celia Cruz, Cuban. Oooh. I'll try that...

Normally, I like trying the earliest work of a prolific artiste, so I grabbed the oldest-looking album, and headed for the front counter. Is this the best album from Ms Cruz? I asked. She said, No! There is much better. I heard her on a radio show, and liked the sound of her. Would you show me? (That wasn't quite true.) Of course! ... The white one, it's her greatest hits, like "Something Something" and "Else Else"... Nod, smile... How about "Oye Como Va?" Oh! Great! I'll take it! I met Miss Cruz you know... Oh really? Wow! (She proudly showed me a photo of the two of them. Small talk ensues...)

Do you have latin blood?
(Woo hoo! I've MADE IT.) Ahh... no.

Gargantuan shakesAfter the purchase I hooked up with my friends, and managed to nibble on a Massive Dairy Whopper. Christ knows what I was thinking ordering a slab of apple pie AND a milkshake. Luckily, one of my friends was Cal, who has a spare stomach for such emergencies.

The album isn't bad! But, I should refrain from taking recommendations from older (albeit spunky) Cuban shop owners...

I like 'em young.
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