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Friday, 28 October 2005

Black and white.

I love how they were there when I got home
I love how she had filled my house with provisions
I love that he worked out the routine
I love how we talked long and late into the night about honest, real things
I love how they both reflected on those honest and real things
I love how he uses his hands
I love that she say "but, no" and then elucidates the previous point
I love how modest he is
I love how rambunctious she is
I love how flexible they are
I love that they are the people I am truly honest with
I love that he has to have his breakfast just so
I love how he looks after her, with some self-defense or is it self-deprication
I love that she pushes on and then looks for him
I love that there is sometimes no news
I love that when there is no news we get to the good stuff
I love that I can show them things
I love how much they continue to teach me
I love her cuddles
I love his hugs
I love that they know my new friends
I love that we sing together very loudly (and badly) and always have, and that for some reason they believe that I am destined to be (or at least encourage me to be) a mezzo, and when we sing together gorgeous harmonies pop out of nowhere while I sing the melody
I love that I know when i'll see them next
I hate the distance.
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