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Thursday, 27 October 2005

Community Service Announcement.

Republican levies appear to be springing a few leaks here in the U.S. Somebody mentioned someone's name when they shouldn't have and then bang! Treason! (Pardon the ignoramus summary - there's much more to it than that, and it's very interesting, with huge ramifications. Read the article!)

And meanwhile, a dear friend emailed me (and friends) about a new Australian site named GetUp about the current state of politics over there — something i've been particularly distant from after moving to the U.S. So, I popped over for a visit.

I was rather shocked and horrored to read that the Federal Government are talking through the possibility of giving "police executing preventative detention orders the power to shoot to kill", and how the Trade Union movement (for so long a bastion of the Australian culture and sensibility) is being shut down in favour of a thing called "Work Choices" (aka try and cut your own deal with your boss).

What the hell? You leave for a bit, and the country goes to shit.
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