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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Pisces Moon.

After feeling quite sorry for myself over the past few weeks, i've finally found an explanation.

Your moon sign is just as important as your sun sign, people.

My former roomie Michelle knows (and has reference books) about the stars and the moon and things. Given that I stayed with the Vankie crew this weekend for Thanksgiving and spent a morning lying in bed, what could I do but read up on my Moon astrology.

Everyone has a sun sign (the one you read about in the paper - mine's Capricorn: practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, patient, careful, humorous and reserved...), AND a moon sign. As you can imagine, these two work in a yin-yang, tandem-y way to make up the whole package. I did not realise this. In my practical, careful, reserved way, I didn't really acknowledge that I was feeling pretty crappy and emotional, without really knowing why.

Now, I didn't write down exactly what I read, so i've scoured the internet for information that suits the purpose of my post. Here it is:

Moon in Pisces

Keywords: Spiritual, Artistic, Susceptible, Intuitive, Whimsical, Compassionate

Those born with the moon in a Water sign need to establish solid emotional commitments. Before considering the practicality of a situation, and before objectively examining the facts, they react emotionally. They are highly intuitive, though at times it is deceptively self-serving.

As lunar Water sign personalities, those with moon in Pisces are at the mercy of their sensitive nature. Wounded by insults, and beset with fear of rejection and other insecurities, they do not do well in relationships with those who are emotionally tough and independent. As a defense mechanism to protect their inner vulnerability, they may turn into bullies, out to get others before others get them. It is best for these individuals to adopt a religious or philosophical outlook that can provide them with an underlying strength that their temperament does not naturally possess.

I just went to Vankie for Thanksgiving. Being there helped me realise that I was kinda rent asunder from the happy nest I had there. I forgot to allow some time to be sad about that as I was thrust out into Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. It was lovely to see the kids again, and realise how great they are, and how unconditionally supportive they are of me. (Plus, they have an excellent bar called the Slap 'n' Tickle in the basement, which they are considering turning into a gambling establishment.)

I'd forgotten how relaxing it is having that, as opposed to seeking it. I know I can't expect this sort of connection to pop into existence, rather i'll just have to wait patiently for it to emerge over time.

As i've said before, horoscopes might be crap, but I really like the way they help me reflect on things. And now that I know I am Spiritual, Artistic, Susceptible, Intuitive, Whimsical, Compassionate as well as practical and down to earth, it's just better.
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