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Thursday, 1 December 2005


Part of my day involves helping people. I actually love answering help enquiries.
"You're not a problem, you're a Flickr member!"
 - George, today

I openly tell people as much information as I can about anything they want to know. I try not to provide people with a short comment form that they need to use to send in their complaint to the FBI, CIA, and the Tax People about why the hell they're being held behind the Second Door even though they have an American Work Visa.

Instead, I like to try to steer people through the dark and stormy depths of the site. I find cracking jokes and swearing a lot does wonders to keep everyone cheery.

Turns out I helped the enemy himself the other day. Through no fault of his own, he took me directly to a charming spot.

By CBPI-524

Let's just say I think my previous angst about crossing various lines just disappeared.
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