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Saturday, 12 November 2005

It's nice.

Having spent last night with not one, but three rock stars in Napa Valley somewhere, I awoke early with an annoying vodka-related headache, and the need to get out of the hotel so the kids could head down to LA. I was damn tempted to go along with them, but decided against it because a) i'm nearly out of knickers, and b) I need some sleep.

The last few weeks (how long?) have been long and tiring. Not in a negative sense, but more like a staying up late and drinking lots of wine sense. And nowhere near enough sleeping in. No doubt the rock stars will be back soon, so i'll go with them then -- maybe they'll give me more than 3 hours notice this time.

So that was fun. I went across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first two times, and Napa is pretty at this time of year. That area reminds me a lot of the Adelaide Hills actually. Stalls by the roadside, loads of vineyards, n stuff.

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