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Friday, 25 November 2005


By camil tulcan

Having happily indulged in my first American Thanksgiving, I have to say it's a nice thing to do.

I enjoyed a delicious intimate dinner amongst a few friends, one of whom was about 4 and loved Star Wars as much as I do. We watched the film after champagne, cheesus, and a feast of yumminess - no turkeys were harmed, but i'm afraid I can't say that about a pig or its loin. I even got to crack a whip in the backyard, and let's face it - if you don't crack your face off, that's great fun.

Thank you to my hosts, and my ever-delightful companions. I wondered if I would be called upon to talk about what I am thankful for. I was not, but I am thankful that I have enough. May this always be the case.

I also learned that tomorrow is known as Black Friday. Not at all related to Ash Wednesday, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in America, the first day that shops don't lose money. [Update from Harper's Index: US households have an average of 12.6 credit cards.]

And gosh darnit, my thanks for enoughness is already shot, having forgotten that since everything is closed today, I can't buy ciggies, and have run out.

I'll just look at that chap smoking one and do my lungs a favour.
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