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Thursday, 10 November 2005

The thing.

So, here's the thing about having wireless all the time.

I'm not really in the swing of the San Francisco i'll-just-jump-on-the-net-to-complete-task-X thing. I've certainly missed a few opportunities to lose myself on craigslist, or check up on all those sites I used to read, or poke around the bazillion new apps that keep popping up like daisies.

I got home at about 7.30 tonight. I saw bins on the street, so remembered it's Wednesday. I took the rubbish out. I had a ciggie, ate some cheese, and that was while ago. I'm still here.

I haven't painted the lounge, or continued reading Harry Potter, or taken a bath, or pruned anything in the garden (well apart from the darkness), or washed the dishes.

How the hell do you people get anything done?
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