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Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Wired at home.

My New Best Friend has hooked up wireless access at home (amongst many other useful, terribly manly things like fixing the annoying sliding door at the back, and purchasing a fancy cherry red bin). I had resisted (decided against) this for most of the recent past, mainly because I hoped for a distinct separation from sitting on the internet all day at work, and not sitting on the internet all night at home.

The newly wirednessosity of my home was brought to full view last night, as NBF and his Californian friends sat agog watching web-based election results as they happened. Even though i've been party to many election-night results-watching events, it's not happened at my dining room table before, with people leaving their seats craning for a view of the screen.

However, access will mean that I can write more stuff on here, and that's good, because i'm a little backed up.
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