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Sunday, 11 December 2005


I must admit i'm struck with a strange feeling about going home this time. This year has been a true whirlwind for me... the acquisition, the relocation, the rediscovery, and now the settlement.

I've seen various bits of my family here already - a couple of friends have even popped by. I have a feeling of comfort about being here now, and despite various downs caused by elements beyond my control, I feel very happy and solid in my new spot.

Of course I look forward to seeing dear friends and listening to stories of water under bridges. I have missed so much of the straightforward "How was your day" with people I am close to. I'm not even sure if I should use past tense there.

I suppose I don't feel the missing longing that i've felt for home in the past. I think that the stress I and my fellow relocators have felt is coming to rest, and being here feels good.

That said, I have various (new) kiddies to poke, sun to catch, songs to sing, turkey to eat, weddings to witness, beers to drink, wide blue skies to gorp at, beaches to sit on, barbies to cook etc etc. And there are people I haven't seen for nearly three years now, and that's too long.

Roll on summer. But, i'll be back.
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