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Friday, 13 January 2006


It's not that I hate my new home. I'm on a quest to understand it. Thus, I have questions.

Harry Potter has been translated into loads of languages for the Global Audience*: Farsi, Vietnamese, Norwegian... Little did I know there was an English to American translation, until I found one at my place (and read it). When Scholastic published it here there was legitimate, public concern from conservation groups who urged the People of America to purchase the Canadian version instead. (Because it's printed on recycled paper. Go Canada!) But, where were the concerned Fans of the English Language? If one can speak English, one should buy the English version because it's proper, dammit!

Just when I thought that was enough, the Americans had to try to make their own version of The Office. It was so bad, I only lasted 10 minutes, before I spewed onto here. Don't they know it can only be British?

And i'm not going to write bastardized.

* Note: The Global Audience is more than one person. (I'm not the only one?) Hard to believe, but it's true. Doesn't mean I can't hate The American Office's guts though. It's ass.
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