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Monday, 23 January 2006

Can you feel it?

What if there were a new way to measure profit?
What if money weren't the bottom line?
What if you could see value in happiness? Or, that you, the consumer, knew the producer? Or... or...?

Let's just say you had the opportunity to foster new modes of making fair exchange; of processing a transaction; a new test of value?
Let's just say your audience was truly ready to invest in authenticity and personality, and not simply the cheapest bang-for-buck?
Let's just say your level of satisfaction was not determined by cash money.

That's a different playing field.
That requires different expectation.
That means you need to analyse/design/produce differently.

I think we're all a bit tired of perfection and fa├žade. I think in our reach for Reality, we stretch further and further away from reality. Bounding towards product X because Catherine Zeta-Jones uses it pulls us further away from things which we might actually be interested in. (Like that restaurant that Aaron recommends... I know it must be good because Aaron is a foodie - I know him.)

What's ecological economics, anyway?
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