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Monday, 2 January 2006

I may as well be Bruce Willis.

By streetpix

After making sure I went to bed early last night (instead of 5am), I woke with a start at 6.33am, ready for Day 1 2006 (under new management).

It was dark outside... I questioned whether all my clocks had spazzed out during the night, or whether it was (sadly) dark at this hour normally. I could hear quiet rain. Rousing myself from my warm bed, I got ready for work.

I left a little early, and wandered up to the muni. I didn't see any of the 7am regulars waiting, until crazy muttering lady popped up across the street, and waited in her customary under-the-eaves-away-from-the-platform position. An unfamiliar lady who waited with me called her boss to say she was running late.

Texted Heather. Are you awake? I might be late. I wrote.

Got on a very empty muni. Streets were dead. What the?

Texted Heather at Powell. Tell me it's not Sunday, I wrote.

I alighted at Embarcadero to hop on the N. Heather wrote back. We have the day off she said.

I swapped sides and went home again. Got straight back into bed. It was still a little warm. That was nice. But I slept late, so tomorrow morning will be interesting.

Only now do I recollect how many people said things like You have to work? or the shops are shut today, and probably will be tomorrow etc. Grrr! Why don't they say it on the radio, or skywrite it or something???

Oh, and for those of you who haven't seen it, Bruce is DEAD.
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